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Inclusion is On (Erasmus+ KA220-YOU)

The aim of the project is to share good practices and innovate new tools to promote social inclusion and accessibility in youth free-time activities.

The good practices and tools are compiled into a guide, which will serve as a base for creating a training model and a podcast series.

The project consists of five international trainings organized in the participating countries for the partners and local youth workers from each country.

In these trainings the participants learn about youth work in different contexts and deepen into the project subject through lectures and participatory workshops.

The project culminates in an international final seminar targeted for youth workers in Italy in the beginning of 2024 and local level final events in the partner countries in spring 2024.

The starting point for the project is the need to re-evaluate the accessibility of youth free-time activities after Covid-19.

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (KA220-YOU) and implemented in 2021–2024, with partner organizations from six different countries.

Participating organizations 

Youth Academy, Finland 
The Finnish Youth Association, Finland 
Radio- R, Czech Republic  
Tartu Youth Work Center, Estonia  
Federation of Children´s and Youth Municipal Councils, Hungary  
Le Discipline, Italy 
Croatian office for Creativity and Innovation, Croatia 

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