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DiscoverEU Meet ups

DiscoverEU is an action under the Erasmus+ programme that offers 18-year-old European youth opportunities to explore the continent travelling by rail. Youth Academy organizes DiscoverEU Meet ups for young people taking part in the action in Finland in 2024–2026.

DiscoverEU Meet ups offer opportunities for young people to make new friends with fellow travelers under the same action, get to know Finland and familiarize with the local as well as each other’s cultures. The participants at the meetings also increase their knowledge of the European Union. Besides young travelers coming from all over Europe, also young people from Finland who have already completed their DiscoverEU experience can participate in meetings organized in Finland. Meet ups are organized twice a year in July-August.

Upcoming Meet ups


  • Helsinki
  • Turku


  • Tampere
  • Rovaniemi


  • Lappeenranta
  • Oulu

More information and registrations on the DiscoverEU Meet ups website.

Meet ups in Finland are organized in co-operation with the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI), which is the national agency for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps youth programmes.

About DiscoverEU

DiscoverEU makes part of the Erasmus+ programme and it offers 18-year-old European youth opportunities to travel by rail for 1–30 days to get to know Europe and European people from different parts of the continent.

Apply to participate:

  • Young people and youth groups can apply to participate individually through centralized application rounds twice a year in spring and autumn. Submission of applications takes place at the European Youth Portal.
  • Through the DiscoverEU Inclusion Action, which is aimed at young people in need of additional support. In this case, the grant for the experience is applied by an organization that supports the traveler(s) in realizing the trip. In Finland, the Inclusion Action (in Finnish) is coordinated by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

More information on the Meet ups

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