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What is Youth Academy?

We promote youth participation by collaborating with schools, educational institutions, businesses and communities. We improve the abilities of adults to work with young people and strengthen youth participation.

Here at Youth Academy, we believe that when a young person feels included, their trust in their own influence, other people and society is strengthened.  

That is why we use projects, service design and gaming pedagogy to bring young people and organizations together to co-create and create solutions which allow young people to influence the things that matter to them.

We are closely connected to schools and youth leisure activities. Our experts have extensive skills in and experience of inclusive ways of working, facilitation, and interaction.

Read more about cooperation possibilities with us on European and international levels on the page partner with us

Our funding mainly comes from projects. In addition to public funding, we also receive support from foundations and corporations.  

Extensive experience in promoting participation

Youth Academy was founded in 1994 by national youth and sports organizations. The aim was to reach young people who weren’t involved in societies and hobbies.

Still today the core of our work is to ensure that all young people are connected to societal phenomena that are meaningful to them and feel that they are able to control their own lives.

In 2023

  • we reached approx. 100.000 young people
  • we reached approx. 7.300 adults working with young people
  • we had approx. 4.000 events.

Youth Academy’s Board 2024

The board is made up of representatives of our member organizations. It steers the work of Youth Academy.

Jari Pulkkinen, Chair, Church Council
Joonas Autio, Finnish Youth Association
Anton Hietsilta, Union of Local Youth Councils in Finland
Eila Kauppinen, research director
Satu Salo-Jouppila, Guides and Scouts of Finland
Marika Taskinen, entrepreneur

We have 15 member organizations, through which we reach out to all youth and sport sector actors in Finland:

Church Council / Family matters
Finnish School Sport Federation
Finnish Nature League
Mannerheim League for Child Welfare
4H Finland
Cultural and Sports Association of Finnish Vocational Education and Training (SAKU)
Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses
Finnish Youth Association
Union of Local Youth Councils in Finland
Guides and Scouts of Finland
Finnish Workers’ Sports Federation
Finnish Olympic Committee
Finnish Epilepsy Association
Peace Education Institute
YAD Youth Against Drugs

Youth Academy’s Strategy

Get to know our current strategy and main tasks.

Strategy 2023-