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International cooperation

We believe in the power of cooperation. Thus, we work with many kinds of organizations, associations, communities, institutions, and corporations from different sectors. 

We have the methods, experience and contacts to promote youth participation and inclusion both in schools and free time activities, as well as formal and non-formal educational settings. We focus on promoting young people’s capacities and possibilities to influence matters important to them. 

Our strong expertise is rooted in long-standing experience in executing workshops to bring young people together with organizations and experts to discuss current topics and find solutions to societal problems.

All our projects are firmly based on the needs and trends of today’s society. Topics include, for instance, social accessibility, working with youth with fewer opportunities, global education, climate change and biodiversity loss, sports, intellectual property rights, sexual health, youth unemployment and personal economy. With the right partners we are ready to tackle diverse challenges. 

In all our projects, we emphasize participatory processes and youth engagement. Collaborating with partner organizations in Finland and internationally, we focus on facilitating young people’s participation, learning and own projects, as well as providing useful materials, tools and training for adults working with young people.

Read more about our projects on the pages for ongoing and past international projects.

Become a partner 

We are always interested in finding new cooperation opportunities and happy to join and make use of our know-how and networks in projects of different sizes. 

You can contact us with a ready-made vision or a sketchy idea of cooperation. Let’s brainstorm together the kind of cooperation we could do now or in the future!

More information

Hymyilevä Sanna Lindgren

Sanna Lindgren
International Affairs Manager
+358 40 082 7413