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Our work

Building appealing and interesting participative and inclusive processes and engaging the young people’s interest to be proactive belongs to Youth Academy’s key expertise.

Results of our actions

Young people

  • belong to a group meaningful for them.
  • have ability to participate, learn, influence, and actualize oneself.
  • have tools for managing their own lives.

Adults working with young people

  • are able to act interactively with young people.
  • develop skills to apply participatory methods in their work.
  • acquire knowledge about young people’s opinions/experiences.

Our activities and services

For and with young people

  • Idealabs
  • Educational workshops
  • Learning materials
  • Grant programs
  • Events
  • Publicity campaigns

For and with adults working with young people

  • Facilitated developing
  • Trainings
  • Consultations/reports reflecting the youth view
  • Learning materials
  • Events
  • Publicity campaigns

We can and are flexible to tailor our activities and services for different kinds of needs and contexts.

Read more about cooperation possibilities with us on the page for international cooperation