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Inclusion is On: Learn about the Outputs of the Soon Ending Project!

Inclusion is On is about to come to an end and all the project outputs and other materials are now published. The aim of the international Erasmus+ funded project was to promote social inclusion and accessibility in youth free-time activities. The publications are aimed at youth workers and other people working or volunteering in youth free-time activities.

Did you know that one-third of the European youth are facing risk of poverty and social exclusion? Free-time activities are an important part of a young person’s life, and they play a key role in one’s personal growth, developing creativity and creating social connections. To foster the important experiences of participation, inclusion and belonging, every youngster should be provided with the possibility to take part in different, as well as meaningful free-time activities based on their interests. 

The project’s international final seminar was organized in Florence, Italy in January 2024. Finland’s final seminar will be held in April at the YOUTH2024 fair in Tampere.

During IncOn, good practices and methods have been collected and produced to develop more inclusive and accessible free-time activities. All published materials and outputs are now freely available to anyone interested in the topics. Some of them can be applied to other topics as well.

About the project outputs 

  • Tool pack is a collection of good practices, methods, tools, and other tips to foster social inclusion in youth free-time activities. 
  • Youth workers’ training model supports the use and utilization of the tool pack. With this training model, anyone can organize their own training based on the tool pack. The training model is available in several languages. 
  • Innovation model is a set of methods offering a systematic approach to problem-solving. It can be used to create one’s own tools to promote social inclusion and accessibility. The innovation model is available in several languages. 
  • Inclusion is not an illusion podcast series contains discussion on key themes based on the project as well as experiences of the international project partners.  

All project outputs, materials and translations are available here

Meet us at the YOUTH2024 fair in Tampere

IncOn is one of the partners of the YOUTH2024 fair. The fair will be held in Tampere on the 24. -25. of April. Youth Academy and the Finnish Youth Association have a shared stand at the fair, where you can also familiarize yourself with the outputs and materials of the project.

On the 24th of April we will also be holding two hands-on learning sessions presenting our project and its’ materials. The sessions will be held in the room ‘Sonaatti 1’ at 12-1pm and 1:30-2:30pm. The first hour provides an introduction to the topic and good practices, while the second hour focuses on making use of the innovation model as a systematic approach to problem-solving. Participating in both sessions gives the best understanding of the project and its results, however, it is also possible to join only one of the two sessions. The program is in English, but Finnish can be used as a support language. 

See the timetable, more details and information about the fair here

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