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New Strategy with a Focus on International Affairs and Recent Appointments

Internationalization and international affairs have been highlighted as one of the focus areas in Youth Academy’s new strategy. We actively seek to create solutions to promote youth participation both domestically and internationally, and the future looks promising. As the number of our international projects has increased lately, it’s now time for us to also welcome a new role in the organization focusing specifically on international affairs.

Why international affairs?

Today, almost no activity or phenomenon stops at national borders. Many young people operate internationally, and Finland welcomes people from different countries and for various reasons. This means that it’s important to think and act internationally and consider international dimensions in domestic operations, too.

In recent years, we have gained valuable experiences from our international activities, expanded our partner network, and initiated several new projects. In the future, we aim to still increase our international activities and grow the role of the European Union and other international entities as sources of funding.

Goals of Youth Academy’s Strategy 2023

  • Increasing the number of applications for international project fundings
  • Aiming to grow the role of the European Union and other international institutions as sources of funding
  • Implementing more international projects and activities

In addition to the goals defined in the strategy, international activities strengthen the stability, impact, and significance of our work. Furthermore, we improve our ability to prevent and anticipate various challenges.

Sanna Lindgren appointed as the International Affairs Manager

Since the beginning of 2024, Sanna Lindgren has taken on a new role as a full-time International Affairs Manager at Youth Academy. Her new role highlights our will for a stronger emphasis on international cooperation and participation. Previously, Sanna worked as a project coordinator, mainly focusing on international affairs even then. Practically speaking, she has been developing and expanding our international activities and networks successfully for the past two years, thus the job description is already familiar to her, but the new title now better reflects her expertise and responsibilities. Sanna enjoys seeing the growing enthusiasm for international projects at the office!


Internationalization and international affairs are one of the core priorities in our new strategy, through which we want to recognize and highlight the increasing importance of global perspectives in promoting youth participation and inclusion. By placing the focus on applying for more international projects and fundings, as well as strengthening our international partnerships, we want to promote youth participation both within Finland and internationally. Sanna Lindgren’s appointment as the International Affairs Manager highlights our commitment to this cause and reflects the growing enthusiasm within our organization for more international initiatives and partnerships.

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