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Mahis – The Opportunity is in You: Guide for Instructors in English

The instructor’s folder of The Opportunity is in You (“Mahis”) project provides information and tips for including diverse youth in participatory youth work, and offers support and concrete instructions to guide project-like activities.

The material is divided in four sections, each containing ideas for facilitating youths’ projects and supporting young people’s social inclusion:

Participatory Guidance (PDF, 5.883 KB)

The Youths’ Projects (PDF, 7.514 KB)

Communication and Marketing (PDF, 4.629 KB)

Exercise Bank (PDF, 6.072 KB)

About the project

“Mahis” (“The Opportunity is in You”) is the longest-running project of Youth Academy, since 1998.

It supports young people in Finland, mainly 13-17 years old, in vulnerable life situations or with fewer opportunities through, for example, supporting their participation and inclusion in society, as well as strengthening their feelings of being able to control their own lives.  

During the past 25 years, Youth Academy has trained over 2.700 “Mahis instructors” across Finland, referring to adults who are safe and have the capacity to be present and support youth in many kinds of life situations. The instructors can also apply for financial support to implement joint activities planned by young people.

During 25 years, Mahis has financed a total of around 2.400 youth projects, involving a total of around 20.000 young people with fewer opportunities in Finland.

Read more about The Opportunity is in You on its website (in Finnish).