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Inclusion is On: Project Results and Materials

Get to know project results and all other materials of the Erasmus+ Partnership Inclusion is On.

One remarkable means to promote social inclusion is to foster the sense of belonging of marginalized groups. Specifically for young people, free-time activities are an important part of their life, but they also play a crucial role in personal development, fostering creativity and building social connections. Thus, creating spaces for all kind of youth to participate in different kinds of free-time activities of their liking is essential to improve their sense of belonging and so levels of social inclusion. 

The aim of the Erasmus+ partnership Inclusion is On, implemented in 2021-2024 by seven organizations from six European countries, was to share good practices and innovate new tools to promote social inclusion especially in the context of youth free-time activities. The project results and materials, all of them collected on this page, are targeted especially for youth workers or other adults working in the field of youth free-time activities, but also freely available to use by anyone interested in the topic.

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